Is Your Body a Victim of Friendly Fire?

When to visit an immunology specialist in Tyler or El Paso, TX

Your immune system works constantly to protect you from life-threatening illnesses. Unfortunately, it can get a little overprotective. When your immune system mis-identifies benign substances-such as pollen or peanut butter-as threats, the result is usually an allergic reaction. An immunology specialist in Tyler or El Paso, TX can help you figure out what's causing your body's overzealous response to allergens.

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What is immunology?

Could your health problem be a symptom of an underlying immunity issue? Talk to an immunology specialist from Access Allergy if you need help with...

Allergic reactions:

All allergic reactions are caused by the immune system producing antibodies to attack harmless "invaders."

Chronic fatigue:

Scientists now know that there's a connection between chronic fatigue and an under-performing immune system.

Food intolerance:

Food sensitives and intolerances are caused by complex interactions between gut bacteria and the immune system.

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