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You don't need to spend the rest of your life suffering from allergies. If over-the-counter, behind-the-counter and prescription allergy medications have failed you, turn to an allergy specialist at Access Allergy. We offer allergy treatment solutions in El Paso & Tyler, TX.

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3 reasons to work with an allergy specialist

Stop using an off-the-shelf allergy treatment that doesn't work. The trained staff at Access Allergy provides...

Treatments designed just for you:

We don't prescribe one-size-fits-all cures for allergies. Your allergy specialist will examine your case individually and develop a treatment plan that meets your specific needs.

Science-backed solutions:

Our patients trust us to combine the latest developments with well-tested treatments. If you're tired of shot-in-the-dark remedies, turn to us.


When you're suffering from an unknown allergy, you may feel desperate to know what's causing it and what you can do to prevent it. Our top priority is getting you the answers you need.

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